Teesta River
The Kanchenjunga Stadium The Kanchenjunga Stadium
This football shrine built in the 1980s is large enough to accommodate 35,000 people. Besides football matches, the stadium also hosts cricket games and other local events
Coronation Bridge Coronation Bridge
Walk on the mighty Coronation Bridge that runs over the mighty Teesta river. Built in 1930, the bridge is an excellent feat of British design and architecture.
Kalchakra Monastery Kalchakra Monastery
Inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 1996, this monastery is another place of Buddhist worship in the city.
Akshaya Kumar Maitreya Museum Akshaya Kumar Maitreya Museum
Visit an entire museum dedicated to Bengal's noted historian and social worker Akshaya Kumar Maitreya.
Monkey Point Monkey Point
En route to Coronation Bridge is a place where you will find cell phones that double as cameras oddly saluting monkeys. Befriend these monkeys by feeding them bread, bananas and other grub.
Kali Mandir Kali Mandir
Newly wed couples aspiring for a happy married life flock to the Kali Mandir to seek the blessings of Goddess Kali. Drive 20 km from the city centre to reach this holy point situated in the hills of Sevoke.
Salugara Monastery Salugara Monastery
Enter the peaceful confines of the Salugara monastery which is famous for the one hundred foot stupa constructed by the Tibetan Lama - Kalu Rinpoche. Immerse yourself in prayer and solitude inside this sacred Buddhist abode.
Savin Kingdom Savin Kingdom
To beat the city blues, head to the Savin Kingdom amusement park. The special attractions here are striking cars, monorails and flying saucers. Amble over to the water park section where a pool, an artificial waterfall and shower faucets will soak you in joy.
Madhuban Park Madhuban Park
Madhuban Park in the outskirts of the city is a great place for a family reunion. The scenic surroundings of the park maintained by the Indian Army are ideal for people who appreciate nature's beauty. Find a comfortable shaded area to lay down your picnic blanket and unpack your picnic basket filled with made to order goodies.
Iskcon Temple Iskcon Temple
As you enter the sanctum of the ISKCON Temple, Siliguri, a feeling of tranquility will pervade your body and soul. The luxuriant surroundings, the fascinating paintings of the eternal lover- Lord Krishna, and the swarm of devotees chanting prayers, together create an atmosphere that transcends the real to become ethereal.
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary North Bengal Science Centre
This Science Museum exhibits many scientific experiments and equipments. It encloses a planetarium and a Nature Interpretation Centre. Visitors can also enjoy the flora and fauna and learn about the dialect, customs, tradition and culture of the people living in North Bengal.
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of animal species like the elephant, Indian bison, tiger, leopard, barking deer, and sambar. Located in the lower catchment area of Mahananda river, the sanctuary sprawls across 159 sq. km of reserve forest. Climb up to one of the hides or watchtowers built inside to catch a quick view of the wild animals in their natural habitat. For a glimpse of the local flora and fauna, visit the Nature Interpretation Centre within the sanctuary.